COVID Life – The Meal Series

By Jessica McClendon | August 13, 2020

I cannot say this enough, but I hate single use plastic, I have been known to go as far as carrying around my own reusable washable utensils to avoid plastic utensils and straws. Now that the statement has been established, we are also living in days of COVID-19. ┬áThe majority of people around the world […]

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Packing List

By Jessica McClendon | June 1, 2018

It is a gorgeous day here in sunny California, as usual. My keyboard is blazing hot from sitting in the sun in the backyard typing up this post. The amount of “downtime” I have is very infrequent these days. If I have any at all, I would rather spend it sleeping or catching up on […]

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Another Little Turkey

By Jessica McClendon | November 20, 2017

When Thanksgiving rolls around, we are all forced to sit down and reflect on the previous year and our life in general. It is a unique time just to be present. Despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life, not to mention a week’s worth of food prep for this particular holiday, reflection is paramount. […]

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Driving the Struggle Bus

By Jessica McClendon | September 18, 2017

Friends, after quite the blogging hiatus I have managed to find my life preserve, and I think I’m finally bobbing above the water. August to September has felt like one of the longest months of my life.┬áThis post is missing all the bells and whistles. It lacks aesthetics of high resolution photos with perfectly placed […]

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By Jessica McClendon | August 14, 2017

I remember, faintly through flashes of sleep deprivation, feeding my newborn in the wee hours of the night and racking my new momma brain wondering if I would ever learn a routine. I would sit with one arm cradling a hungry baby and the other rapidly scouring Pinterest pages to try to get even an […]

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New Momma Travel Must-Haves

By Jessica McClendon | June 23, 2017

I see baby announcements left and right on social media. Then moms always seek out advice on the latest and greatest or what items are must-haves. For me, while I’m not currently pregnant, I love reminiscing on the last two and a half years of Madison’s life. We have been travelers from day one. Before […]

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