Jessica McClendon

Love Fern

By Jessica McClendon | June 13, 2017

One evening, mid-December, I remember sitting on the couch extra grumpy. I think I had just finished crying over another negative pregnancy test after a three day late period. I was in an absolute mood. I distinctly remember this night as being cold. Not cold in the way December nights are. My husband sat beside […]

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Things To Do In Atlanta: The Georgia Aquarium

By Jessica McClendon | June 12, 2017

Summer is approaching and kids are out of school. In my case, I am always looking fun ways to get out and spend the day with my toddler. I spent the last couple days out in Los Angeles house hunting. As soon as we got back to the east coast, I was focused on doing […]

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Egg Retrieval

By Jessica McClendon | June 5, 2017

I keep calling it the big show, the egg retrieval procedure. Everything I did for almost the entire month of May and first couple days of June revolved around that one day. As I have written about in a previous post, my husband is already working and staying in Los Angeles while we are trying […]

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IVF Stimulation Meds

By Jessica McClendon | May 26, 2017

The other day I got a huge package in the mail. Usually that’s really fun, but this time was a little different. The package I opened was filled with alcohol swab pads, a sharps container, needles, syringes and my IVF stimulation medications. I’m not a nurse. I’m not the least bit qualified to make any […]

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By Jessica McClendon | May 17, 2017

My zodiac sign is Gemini, and mercy, I am most certainly a Gemini. I’m also an extremist, a real all-or-nothing type of gal. If I move forward with something, all my cards are on the table. IVF is proving to be no different. The whole process isn’t necessarily organic but I am completely, 100% buying […]

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Gonal, Ganirelix and Lupron

By Jessica McClendon | May 15, 2017

If any of the words in the title ring a bell, then you have come to the right place. For those of you that thought it sounded like newly discovered STDs, let me drop some knowledge. IVF medications. Lot and lots of medications. New to the IVF game or looking for some info before you […]

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