The Incredible Puppy Porch Potty

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Are any of you guys pawents to furbabies?
So, I’m Jess, and I am a mom to little humans and a fur-mom to two little furbabies. My older guy, Tucker, has been my sidekick since day 1. Meeko, the newest member of the family joined us when I was going through infertility. He joined us at just the right time. Many human parents think I’m insane. I have two little girls and two puppies, so yes it’s for sure a handful and as of late with a newborn plus the recent influx of travel its made me want to pull my hair out. At the end of the day, they are part of the family so we do what we gotta do.


Puppy models

This leads me to something incredible I just have to share with you guys.

Alright so we moved out here to California, and before moving into our house, we had an apartment. Sometimes taking the dogs out to potty was such an ordeal with a two-year-old and battling morning sickness at any given moment. Plus the apartment complex was extremely strict on where you could take your pups out to potty. I began a search because we had this perfect area of balcony patio that if I had some type of tray or potty pad would have made life more simple. I tried multiple ideas and failed.


Intro to the Porch Potty

Fast forward to moving into our house and still needing a dog potty solution. One day a photographer friend calls me up and asked if they could use the pups as models. I thought, “how fun! of course,” She sends me the link to this Porch Potty we would be using for the photos. I look it over, and it was everything I had dreamed up and wished I had during our days in the apartment. Turns out the inventor, Brandon, wanted new photos for the site and my pups would be trying it out. How neat! We got to truly check this thing out and I decided it was a must have for any home.¬†


How we have it set up

There are so many situations in which this item is perfect. Meeko is a Havanese and is a little more grooming maintenance. When his paws get real wet after the sprinklers have been on or after rain then he is a mess. We have the perfect little side walkway beside our garage that the pups can be outside and fenced in. The Porch Potty Premium connects to a water hose and by using a water timer plus the included drain tube it is self-watering and draining. I have to clean up the solid, but it gets rinsed daily. I have their leashes, and food items in the garage and open the door so they can potty and play while I get my kids ready for the day.
I make their food with Just Food For Dogs DIY supplement and its human grade and preservative free, so it has to be refrigerated. Feeding in the garage is just easier. Also, ill be writing about how I make their food and freezer treats cause my guys love it and their breath doesn’t smell nearly as gross as when they get canned shelf food.

I will admit that Tucker is older and stubborn so getting him to use the porch potty has taken more effort, but Meeko quickly picked up the habit and its been amazing. I keep my Premium porch potty outside on the back patio and I haven’t noticed any foul smells. Its visually appealing with the wicker sides the drain tube is tucked out of the way. When we first started training we used the real grass. They offer a unique pad of grass that is mess free without the dirt bottom. Once my guys got the hang of things we switched to artificial grass. I do deep clean it occasionally, but that’s just to make sure it stays as bacteria free as possible.

No More Shredded Potty Pads

I did not get paid to post about the porch potty. We just happened to be so lucky to meet Brandon and talk with him. He even looked at my house and helped me come up with the perfect setup. We are in the process of installing a doggy door and setting up another porch potty in the garage. This will work perfectly when I’m gone for an extended time during the day. The pups can then get out and go potty without fear of having potty pads ripped to shreds in my laundry room. As a family that’s constantly been on the move from condos to apartments to single family homes we never know how accessible taking the dogs out to potty will be. This was truly an incredible product. I have been using it for several months now and I’m very happy with it

If your dogs are like most, then you know its terrible to have them go out in the rain or snow to potty. If you work long hours and have been searching for a clean potty option I would encourage you to take a look at it. I think its also an excellent way to start potty training when you bring your new addition home.

I also have the Furbo dog cam and can give my guys a treat from ANYWHERE when they did a good job using the potty. Yep, you guessed it. The Furbo product review will be up next.


** all photos were taken by Kristen Galvin of Elliegracephotography for The Porch Potty

You can find Kristen

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