A Makeup Artist On A Search

 In a former life, pre-sister squad, I worked as a makeup artist. I do have a degree in communications and a background in marketing, but cosmetology along with an extensive resume as a freelance makeup artist is where it was at for me.  
I began with working freelance and then began a career working for one of the industries leading makeup companies. I learned a great deal and honed in on my skills by taking multiple certification classes to continue my education. Then, I stepped it up and began to work with airbrush makeup for weddings, parties, events photo shoots, editorial work, etc. I am by no means the greatest makeup Artist out there, but I do have an extensive background in product knowledge and application. Enough to be dangerous, you may say?
I could always be found wearing a full face of makeup— of course during my time exercising my expertise as a MUA, but even prior to that when I graduated college to work as a marketing director.
I would wear: primer, foundation, powder, blush, contour, SEVERAL different colors on my eyes, full brows, mascara (sometimes even lashes), finished off with lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss — and that was just a regular day for me.
Reading over that confirms why I suggested that was a former life. After I had my first daughter, I stopped wearing as much make up for the sheer fact she was always close to my face. I couldn’t stand the thoughts of whatever I was wearing to rub off on her precious, beautiful skin. Then it started to sink in… what about my precious, beautiful skin?
What was I was putting on my skin, and why was I so afraid of this getting on her, but not afraid of wearing it myself? I began to decrease the amount of makeup I had on and started being a little bit more careful of what I wore.
Then, when we moved to South Florida, the sweat was real. I would wear a foundation that was supposed to be waterproof, but it entirely created havoc on my skin. So, I just stopped wearing it all together. 
After our move to Los Angeles, I packed up all my make up, and instead of taking it with me, I started cleaning it out. Even once I got here with the stragglers that actually made the trip, those were ditched as well.

There has to be something safe out there

I started reading and researching ingredients. Really trying to dig in and finding products that were “clean.”
During my research, I found articles about the beauty standard and what cosmetic companies were considering the standard. What was allowed to be put into our make up and cosmetics? I scoured the market for brands and products suggesting the line was clean, but found much of their marketing to be deceiving for daily use products.
So here we are today-I have two daughters, one of which is a newborn baby girl.
I do WANT to do my makeup. It’s always been my passion. I actually have a background in make up artistry, and like some, I enjoy creating new looks and being a bit “extra” with my makeup.
I also know that my daughters are watching, and if I wouldn’t want these items to be put on their skin everyday, why would I put them on my own?
 Which leads me to YoungLiving’s line of cosmetics- Savvy Minerals. During acupuncture (I did it all through the IVF process. To read about my journey you can find more over here https://www.wholelattejess.com/2017/07/road-less-traveled-travel-ivf/ in the fertility section of my blog, my acupuncturist used several YoungLiving essential oils on me, and my interest blossomed. Since the move to SoCal, my acupuncturist here actually gave me a list of essential oils to use as skincare that I’ve kept up with.
I’ve been using essential oils in my life by diffusing, applying topically etc. for quite some time now.  YoungLiving launched the makeup line, and honestly, I turned my nose up at it and thought that there’s no way this looks pretty. I’ve seen some people put it on and I was just absolutely not impressed, but in my fueled search for clean makeup, I am going to give it a try.
In the past, I have always been a liquid or cream wearing make up girl. I have never been one to wear powders unless it was to set a liquid foundation. The only mineral make up I’ve ever used was from a pretty popular makeup line, and if I was out in the sun while wearing that mineral makeup, my face would get warm and it would ITCH so bad. It felt like I had an allergic reaction. Talk about being absolutely miserable, so I had to throw all of that makeup away. I understand mineral makeup has been hugely popular, but there’s something in it that my skin absolutely cannot handle, and I may have pinpointed that actual ingredient.
I plan on purchasing YoungLiving’s Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit, which will give me a couple of eyeshadows, a foundation, foundation brush, blush, and a bronzer along with their misting spray. A little bottle of lavender is in there too, which is always a plus.
I plan on trying this out, seeing what the big deal is, and if it actually is worth the money. If this is just yet another line that you’re wasting your money on, or if this is actually a breakthrough product line.
I have tried almost everything out there from the highest high-end products to everything in between, so we’ll see where Savvy falls.

From a professional standpoint

I already do NOT think this is a makeup artist product. Personal use products vs products meant to stand the test of runways, editorial and longevity of events are entirely different in my personal opinion. I have a specific tried and true arsenal that I feel is meant for photo shoots, big events ect.

I DO think this product line is for personal home use. The foundation looks like a product that could provide sheer to buildable coverage for every day. 
I am interested in seeking that information out; when I purchase this product for review purposes, I want to know what it’s abilities are: can it hold up in the heat, what’s the length of wearability? Can I put with makeup on at 4 AM before catching a flight out of LAX having two children and tow, and get to my destination without looking desperately haggard? In all seriousness. 
Are you a chemical engineer that has traded in your lab coat for diapers and wipes? Do you want to conceal the fact you have been exhausted since babies?
Are you a CEO are you a businesswoman?
Are you a schoolteacher, Dr or a nurse who shifts last 12 hours?
Are you a lawyer? Are you a flight attendant? Maybe a hairstylist? Friend, I want to check this product out with YOU in mind. I am going to purchase and review using my knowledge and background as a makeup artist and present to you the things that I find!
If you’re interested, follow back. I’m gonna let you know when my kit comes to the door. I plan on exploring the kit first, and If I’m impressed, I might look into the other products in their line for review.
Anyone interested?
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