IVF Transfer Complete

The transfer is complete!
I am sitting down gathering my thoughts and feelings from these past couple months of IVF as a party of one for lunch at Ruth’s Chris. Yes, I’m celebrating keeping my sanity to this point with everything we have had going on, and I have no shame. I even asked for the bread! 

Pre Transfer Panic

Monday night, before the transfer I couldn’t relax. I kept running everything through my mind. Had I done everything in my power to increase my chances of a successful transfer? That night I forgot to take my medicine, was that going to harm my chances? Was it bad that I foundered on Ahi Tuna and carrot cake over the weekend? All questions ranging from rational to absurd entered my mind all night long. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed my calming essential oil, headphones and spoken word pre transfer meditation. What seemed like only 15 of sleep passed and my alarm was buzzing to wake up. Groggy and still very much asleep I got ready for my big day. It was finally here. I got my daughter fed and ready for school then I headed off to the clinic.
Since I have been participating in weekly and bi-weekly acupuncture as part of my treatment plan with IVF, my acupuncturist met me at the clinic early before transfer as she does with many of her patients. The office was packed with couples waiting for their appointment time. Since my husband hasn’t been in town and unable to be at the appointment, I slipped in solo and sat quietly. After Margie my acupuncturist arrived, they took us back the area where patients awaiting their egg retrieval procedure are waiting. In true Margie fashion, she inquired about my stress level. We have both concluded that “chill” just may not be in the cards for this live wire.

Time to focus on me

Either way, it was time to do some major focusing on myself because the next couple hours were going to be huge for me.
The room was cold, and even though I had 45 minutes before my transfer, I had to lie there with a full bladder because it was critical the transfer procedure be done on a full bladder. I do think that treatment was the very least calming one I have ever completed. Either way, I finished and grabbed my fancy open back gown and hair net.
Let me quickly backtrack. Back when I did my retrieval, I talked about being so glad I was under anesthesia because of the size and looks of the stirrups. Well, we met again. The same exact room as egg retrieval except I was under zero sedation.
Now I’ll save you any cringe worthy details and get to the part where they handed the tube with my little embryo through the window and placed into the doctor’s hands to transfer to me. After the transfer was concluded and determined successful, I was finally able to go to the bathroom which by far was the worst part of the entire process.
I got dressed and went back in for my second round of treatment. At that point, It was like for the first time in literal months I relaxed.

The Two Week Wait

Even though I still was still nervous, there wasn’t anything left for me to do than go home and be on bed rest for the next 24 hours and wait. My doctors and nurses hugged me and wished me luck. The dreaded two-week wait was before me.

Fingers crossed and a sprinkle or two of baby dust, wish me luck. Let’s hope and pray this little embryo finds a comfortable place to grow. Looking hopeful for high levels of HCG in my next blood work appointment that will reflect a positive pregnancy test.

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