IVF : The Scratch

If you are reading this and are not up to date, so far I am over a month out from my egg retrieval. At the very end of May it was scheduled, and then those eight eggs were then sent off for genetic testing. Finally, they are back and ready for transfer, so it’s officially down to the wire prepping for the final step.

During this waiting time, my doctor likes to do what they call an endometrial scratch, or biopsy. A tiny tube inserted through the cervix into the uterus, and a scratch, or biopsy removed. (Yes, Cringe)

This uncomfortable process is used to help embryos implant more successfully after In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) treatment. If your chance of successful transfer is 50% without the procedure, then by doing it you can expect an increase of about 5%. It’s fairly insignificant in my opinion. However, at this point, I have done and am willing to do absolutely anything to boost my chances. They described this process to me like scraping your knee. When the scratch is made your body goes into ultimate healing mode, and that helps foster a favorable environment for successful fertilization.


I knew all of this going into my baseline appointment, so Friday I went in prepared for ultrasound and scratch. They want this done on a full bladder, and alone that’s miserable!!! The ultrasound went well, but the attempt at the scratch was a fail.

Since my doctor isn’t into torture, he gave me the option to come back in that following Sunday. He prescribed medicine to soften the cervix and suggested I take some medication for pain. Sunday rolled around, and the scratch was a success! I received my schedule and list of medicines to begin.

The next couple weeks are now a waiting game. I will have several appointments, more blood work, and ultrasounds while we wait for an LH surge. I am praying for a quick, easy, and healthy transfer that ends with a positive pregnancy test. That moment is one I have waited for years. Let’s get this show on the road!

I took a couple of weeks off from doing acupuncture after retrieval, but I wished I had at least kept one appointment a week. I’m currently back in with Margie, and we are working more on calming and relaxation points. With this big move and so many other variables, I need all the “calm” I can get. Matter of fact, it’s time for yoga. Self-love y’all!

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